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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mental Health Counselling Services in Vernon, BC

1) How do I support my teen if they won’t talk to me?

Try not to take their silence personally, it’s not about you, it’s about them not having the emotional awareness and the effective communication tools to open up. It can be helpful to spend more time with them, doing simple things like watching a movie or making dinner. The more you are around, the more likely they are to speak. Also, being vulnerable with them (while keeping the conversation age-appropriate) can help to model to them how to communicate and build upon a bond between the two of you.

2) What are some things I can do for better sleep?

Here are a few quick suggestions to improve the quality of your sleep:

  • No screen time or substances 1hr before bed
  • Make sure you room is clean, cool temperature, and dark
  • Box breathing and progressive muscle relaxation when you lay down

3) What’s one way I can immediately lower my anxiety?

Make a list of your current worries – write them all down. Then group them in to two categories: What’s in my immediate control? and What’s not in my immediate control?

Then start making a strategic, simple plan on how to tackle the first problem in your control category.